A Trip to the Dalarna Organic Market

I decided to visit the organic market in the centre of Falun with some of my course mates today. We had a tour and took some vanilla cakes, some chesse and a grilled hot dog mixed with gin and tonic. It was very tasty. We are really having fun in Sweden.

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A Walk in the Swedish Woods

My course mates decided to take a walk to the woods, to get some mushrooms or probably just to have some fun in the woods. We got to chat, laugh and I took some pictures too. It was fun and we plan to go there often.

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On my way to Dalarna County

I am waiting for the Taxi in the hotel in Stockholm to come pick me and take me to Falun. I decided to write.  And yes its 8° this morning in Stockholm and my fingers are cold already. I have to get some warm hand gloves for my fingers, so I dressed up immediately.

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Bye Germany, Välkommen Sweden!!!

I boarded the Luftansa flight to Frankfurt, we had nice dinner and the crew were superb. The service was excellent. I ate my food and took some wine and I slept off. yeah! The flight was great. I also took some photos so I can share with my family and friends in Nigeria. Every thing seem perfect and fine. I am loving this journey.

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