On my way to Dalarna County

I am waiting for the Taxi in the hotel in Stockholm to come pick me and take me to Falun. I decided to write.  And yes its 8° this morning in Stockholm and my fingers are cold already. I have to get some warm hand gloves for my fingers, so I dressed up immediately.

I can see already how much development we need some parts of Africa especially my home country. Everything here in Sweden seems so perfect and organised. Yes it is very organised; the good roads, the clean water, good infrastructure and yes they are working not just there but functioning perfectly. I hope to learn a lot here in my stay here during my course of study. I hope to achieve my potential in this vast knowledge I see so I can get somethings going in the right way. Anyway I am on my way to Falun. The place I will be staying for some time for my study here.

Today the sky is so bright and the sun is shining. Beautiful!
my best friend now seems to be the sun because it keeps me warm and help me from freezing.

A video. On my way to Falun.

Beautiful lake we drove past. I had to take a photo.

I stopped by IKEA to buy some house equipments.


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