On the Train to Gavle

I made a trip to Gavle to visit some friends. I decided to use the train and the system of transport was nice and comfortable. Gavle is a beautiful city. Its 1hr 48minutes from Falun on a train. You can also use a dalatrafik bus to Gavle. The train makes three stops at Hofors, Sandviken,  It is very interesting to move around the country when I get some spare time. I hope to tour the country to learn about the people, their culture, values and traditions.

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Arranging your Student housing in Sweden

Before making plans to come for study here first make sure you arrange for an accommodation so you don’t have to be stranded or paying huge hotel bills. For students who will study in Falun campus, make sure you talk or send emails to Kopparstaden Bristen. They have nice rooms for students and you will also get to meet many international students from different countries and continents.

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What to eat in Sweden

I will write about the food and how to get your food here. First of all, swedes are very good to cook and do good meal irrespective of the gender {male♀} so if you are thinking of eating good food here in Sweden don’t worry you will have lots to eat and also drink if you feel for it.

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