A Shopaholic in Stockholm

Most girls like to shop; shopping for food? Of course not food alone. I am talking about shopping for designer things, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, name it.


It is good to shop as some say it makes them feel better in hard or bad times. But been a shopaholic is not a smiling matter, it gradually eats deep into your pocket, it stops you from saving for the future, it makes you a spender and not a saver… Oh yes. You will spend your credit card even on something you don’t need.

But mind you if you are in Stockholm, don’t bring your shopaholic attitude to this city because you will regret it, seriously you will. I have a reason why, I went shopping for some nice wedged shoes, that is what I am comfortable in.
So fast forward to my experience, I had a tough time finding shoe stores in the city, there are many shoe stores in Sweden, but you get to see a lot of boots, not the kind of shoes that I was looking for.
So finally, I headed to Nordiska Kompaniet, a Swedish store where you find almost all designers, Michael Kors, Marco Polo, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Hermes and so many others. Alas, I found some shoes. Yes, I did. Hmmmmmmmmmm but there is a big problem. The shoes are so expensive, many times double the actual price, 6000kr for a shoe. That is one thing here, somethings are expensive(for a student like me)  Oh yes, I quickly found my way back as soon as possible. Hahahahaha😁🏃🏃🏃👣. I don’t need shoes as long I am here. It is better to shop online from some trusted UK and US online shoe stores. In the meantime, I will keep on with my Swedish boots😜.

Hint if you are in Stockholm please make your way to the Kulturfestival, it ends on the 17th of August. I will upload some picture later. Have a lovely week. Ciao.




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