Things I wish I knew before coming to Sweden

Oh, how I wish I knew more about the weather in the north of Europe, most especially in Sweden. I wish I was told how cold it will be, I was told by some friends in Nigeria that it will be cold but they didn’t emphasise the “coldness”.

I didn’t know that one could live in a place this cold. I couldn’t even imagine that I could be out in minus (-) degrees. I walked to school in these very extreme degrees during my school days in Falun. My first days there was not funny, in fact, I can’t describe it.

Again the cost of living/staying in Sweden is not a child’s play oooo. For the record, it is one of the most expensive countries in the world. You pay an amount which you can roughly pay for a one-year comfortable self-contained apartment in Nigeria, in one month. Yes one month,  I mean house rent every month. House rents in Nigeria is yearly so here I was surprised I had to pay a huge sum for a month rent.

I have met a lot of Europeans living and working in Nigeria. The Italians, Germans, etc The people here are so kind of different. They seem quiet, speak little, tend to talk slowly. On the bus to school, you won’t hear a sound. Compared to where I come from, hmm the bus will be “bubbling” with noise, different adult discussion, children crying. In fact, all sorts of things will be happening. There is never a dull moment, life in Nigeria is always lively. But here it’s quite the opposite. Most Swedes that I met were lovely people inside and outside, although there are some others who try to make life difficult for someone. Yes in life, there is always the good and bad!!! Be sure they are everywhere.
Fortunately, at Dalarna, I meet people lovely at heart, kind and extremely nice.

The simplicity in lifestyle here is what melted my heart, I knew right away that I will love this place when I moved there. Life is not so complicated, there is freedom. I felt huh, at last, I am free! Of all the freedom, freedom of speech was as free as. Even in school, in the lecture room, in the public places, in the family.

People didn’t care about how you look, how you walk, your dress, your hair, your movement and sexuality. I never knew you could be so free like a bird. They cared less about living expensive lifestyles; dresses, shoes, cars, houses etc.

The education and learning system was totally different from what we have in Nigeria. Educational institutions was a good social place for teachers and students. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the teacher and the students because everyone was a teacher and also at the same time a student. The classroom learning setting was very different. The teachers were eager to learn or hear from the students. I know my colleagues would remember how difficult it was for me to speak in the first weeks in school. It was totally new for me. But my teachers encouraged me to say anything I wanted to say whether necessary or unnecessary things or questions. Luckily for me, I summoned courage to speak and I am grateful for their support. It changed me and my perception about education. 😊☺Again you can call your teachers, lecturers, professors by their first name. Oh yes! And you won’t be penalised. It’s very okay. 😐😮

I was used to the teaching setting in Nigeria. The teacher gives the whole information and the students copy the same information down.
Information collected!
School close!
Few interactions, unnecessary questions, none of your teachings is needed!
Who told you? Are you trying to teach your lecturer? How dare you! 😕
I still love my alma mater back home in Nigeria 😃😀

I knew I was coming to study and move back to my lovely country, but I never knew I was going to fall in love with a Swedish….to be continued…


My lecturers: Prof. Lars and Torsten.


      Some of my colleagues.


Very cold day…I think it was -18 on this day.


My colleagues keeping themselves warm in the dreadful cold.

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