My Husband’s Ex 2

Pregnancy tests from the hospital. Iyke’s joy knew no bound, he was going to be a father, “I am going to be a father, to an inter-racial child. Oh, how wonderful, what a great news to end the day,  Ike repeatedly showed his excitement. “A good news to relax my mind after a hectic day at the office, my oga questioned everything I did today”, he grinned mischievously.

That night, he put a call to Nigeria, to speak to his family and friends. It was a good news that should be shared with friends and family. Ring! Ring! “Mama, my wife is pregnant, you will soon have a grandson Mama!” , he sounded repeatedly to his mother. Within few hours, Ike has spread the news to every member of his family back home in Nigeria. All his well-wishers must hear this, the extended family were also included in his joy.  The family will be expecting a new inclusion in few months.
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Her Husband’s Ex 1

Getting married is one of the most fulfilling moment and experience in life, for some people 😃.  OK, but for people from the eastern part of Nigeria and also Nigerians as a whole. It is a much-awaited stage of life when a young man or lady gets married to their heartthrob,  with blessing and consent of parents of both parties.


Ike has lived all his life abroad, studied abroad, worked abroad and even married abroad to a foreign woman. She was foreign because she come from another part of the world, foreign to the culture of her husband’s people, foreign to their language, foreign to his people and even foreign because she wasn’t married the Igbo way.
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To a Peaceful Nigeria

The killing of the Shia Muslims by the Nigerian military because of road block during prayers was uncalled for. Unwarranted! Except if there is any hidden purpose.

I lived in Abuja for some years before I travelled… and I remember how every Friday is very frustrating for people living in the capital city, movement around the Central Mosque is always closed, prohibiting people from moving around that area or the roads linking to other places. I have sat in the traffic for hours because of Friday prayers and I wasn’t comfortable with it but I didn’t complain because we have the right to practice our different beliefs; religion.
So when I read about the story of the massacre of Shia Muslims because of this same cause, I feel the military is biased in handling this incident.

The President of Nigeria is a Sunni Muslim. The comments made by other Muslims in this matter is not encouraging but selfish and self-centered.

Nigeria is a peace loving country, the Shia and the Sunni Muslims must find ways to continue living in peace by tolerating one another, the military must stay out of religious disagreement, supremacy or conflict, the government through the President of the nation, must find ways to work with all and sundry, disassociating itself from religious rival.

We should love one another irrespective of tribe, religion, region, or status by living peacefully, so we can together fight and destroy Boko Haram from our country.

Remember we are one irrespective of religious differences. We are first and foremost Nigerians.

Let there be peace, harmony and unity in Nigeria.