Hotel ScandicKlara in Stockholm

One of my new year resolution for 2016 was travelling around different cities in Sweden and neighbouring countries. We started our travelling and vacation this January, but firstly, we stayed in Stockholm. One of the best hotels that provide best services to their customers is Scandic Hotels.

Yes, Scandic Hotel has many hotels in almost every city in Sweden and also in different nordic countries. The prices may be expensive but, but you will enjoy value for every kronor you pay. 

You will enjoy a cosy environment, a mouth watering breakfast (I love their breakfast, I keep coming back to Scandic because of their variety in serving breakfast) 😃🙈, the helpful and cheerful receptionists, the colourful hangings and paintings on the wall with sophisticated furnishing and decoration. Trust me you will love it.

So to make it cheaper for you, log into their web page and join Scandic friends. All you need to do is to register, your name, phone number and other necessary information. Ok! right. Make sure you book online earlier so it’s cheaper for you. And if you a Scandic member, you enjoy a lot of services; cheaper rates on costs, you get points too, and you get discounts on some hotel services like dinner, lunch, you also can use your points to get a free room. So the higher the points you earn, the higher your chance of being rewarded with a free room in any Scandic Hotel. Very calming and nice.
So I checked into Scandic Klara in Stockholm and it was a very lovely and happy experience. It’s always the same feeling anytime I stay there.




The photo was taken by my angelic son.


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