Kiehl’s Calendula Toner (Review)

Whenever I get to the shopping mall in Stockholm Center, I always walk to the Kiehl’s section in Åhlens City Centre. Someone should inform Kiehl’s that I love love and love their beauty and skin care products. I won’t mind working for them ooooo. I bought a few things in my last shopping earlier this year and also made a shopping trip last week. I will be making reviews of more products 😃😀. I feel like dancing, it feels good to buy good products for your body maintenance and to look good.

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My visit to the Chinese Restaurant

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I am in Stockholm getting ready for my trip to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday. I decided to spoil my appetite a little, so I went to a Chinese restaurant nearby where I am staying.
I must confess Stockholm is a beautiful city, also you get anything you want just nearby where you are. So yesterday I visited a Mongolia restaurant and today I visited a Chinese restaurant.

As a student, I have saved some money for this food enjoyment. Ulalala, I have been eating Swedish food so it was nice to try other food from other countries.

The food was so good and appetising. You won’t resist. I ordered for woked rice with chicken, beef, shrimp and egg.










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A Review of Smashbox Makeup Primer

Hej Hej! Welcome to my blog. How is your week?

Today, I am making a review of the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer. Makeup primers are used as a base before you apply your foundation. Makeup primers help your makeup to stay longer and smoother. Continue reading “A Review of Smashbox Makeup Primer”

I think I’m in Love with Two Guys

I’m in my early-twenties. I’m in a dilemma, I think I’m in love with two guys.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 4 years, we’ve had our ups and downs, we both live in the same country.

I’ve also been great friends with this other guy for about 8 years (he’s in Nigeria). We are extremely free with each other, he understands me very well, Our communication is 👌🏽👌🏽and he knows me like the back of his hand.
This guy in question has asked me out severally and I refused because I was either dating or not ready to date. The beautiful/funny thing is that each time I say no, he doesn’t get upset or anything he quietly goes back into the friend but I guess he’s tired of been in that zone. Recently he’s been telling me of how much he loves me and really wants to have a serious relationship with me.

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Are you Compassionate?

Compassion in the 21st Century Society

Things have gone array in our lives, because of lack of compassion in the life of our loved ones. This particular act is one of the means to get our planet back to some human form. The quest for greed, evil competition, thirst for blood, no love or affection for the pains of others has done more harm than good in our societies. We continue to disintegrate into differents parts instead of integrating to build a stronger force in our societies.

I remember having a discussion with a friend on this particular topic some months ago. I said to her, if people could learn to be more compassionate, if husbands and wives, whites, blacks and coloured people, brother and sisters, ethnic groups could be more compassionate to one another, the rate of domestic violence or any type of violence, divorce, breakups, violent conflicts, wars, will be reduced, life will be happier to live in.

Compassion is not something you pretend to have, to act or toy with, it is a lifestyle. It cannot thrive in a hostile environment, there cannot be compassion and evil in the same place, both cannot live side by side. True compassion is about love, it’s about showing affection and giving attention to people who need it; family, friends, children, loved ones, animals (pets), strangers, old people, mentally disturbed, street children, beggars, sick people, the rich and even the poor. You must love genuinely to exercise this act. Continue reading “Are you Compassionate?”