Scholarships and Grants in Swedish Universities

There are many universities (universitet in Swedish) and university colleges (Hogskolan in Swedish) in Sweden. They are more than forty higher institutions of learning in Sweden.

Universities They offer many Masters, Bachelor and PhD programmes. There is some notion that universities have higher prefernce more than hogskolan. In the different global university ranking results, I have only seen Tekniska Hogskolan in a good spot. But the universities always come first in the ranking before hogskolan in Sweden.

Tekniska Hogskolan is a highly technical school in Sweden and one of the best in Europe and it is not surprising that it still stands tall and competeing with universities in Sweden. Every year thousands of students from China, America, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand are admitted in this institution. So if you have interest in the technicals and tachnological innovations, this is the right instution for you. Yearly, many universities in Sweden appear in the global ranking (although there are different criteria for these ranking which I may write about in my next blog). According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, these Swedish universities ranked as follow:

Karolinska Institute  48th

Uppsala University   61st

Lund University   101-150

Tekniska Hogskolan (KTH)  200-300

Stockholm University  77th

University of Gothenbury   151-200

Linkoping University   301-400

Umea University    301-400

Swedish University of Agricultural Science   201-300

The university programmes are usually 120 credit or 2 year programme for Master degree and 180 for Bachelor degree programmes. Only few master courses are 60 credit or 1 year programmes. The tution fees in the universities are high (60,000-360,000kr) depending one the duration of the programme. But like I wrote earlier, their programmes are usually for 2 years.

Hogskolan,  usually offer a limited number of programmes and courses (except Tekniska Hogskolan. They do not offer PhD programs. The duration of their master programmes is usually for 1 year (10 months). Annually, internationsl students are admitted to study either as Erasmus, Masters or Bachelor degree (most bachelor degrees are in Swedish language). Because of the duration of the programmes, the tuition fees is lower when compared to universitet. Hogskolan also offer the best quality education, if you are coming from Africa, you will be wowed with their system of education (classroom learning materials, the classroom arrangement, the simplicity of your lectureres, the study and teaching time, the teaching method). I got admitted to study in one of the best hogskolan in Sweden, Hogskolan Dalarna in Swedish or Dalarna University in English. I had one of the best experience as a student there and I will encourage you to study there. To find out about the Dalarna University and finding housing, check my previous blogpost.

Universitet and Hogskolan offer scholarships for new students. The scholarship ranges from 50% to 100% free tution fees. That is you pay half of the fees or you pay nothing at all. You will have to take care of your feeding, housing and other needs. When you are accepted to study, there is also a provision for medical insurance from the school, soooo you are insured. If you happen to go to the hospital, the school pays you for the money you spent if you are kind enough to show them the receipt of the payment.

The Swedish Institute offers scholarship for international students. The scholarship usually include free tution fees to any university in Sweden, living and study allowance, and sometimes they help you find an accomodation. The allowance they offer is enough to cover all your expenses if you are not the monthly spending type. For how to spend money as a student in Sweden check my previous blog post. To find out if you are eligible, log on to their site or click the link:

So what are you waiting for? Send your application. I can’t wait to see you in Sweden.

What do you think about studying in Sweden? If you have any question please use the comment box, I will be glad to answer you immediately.

In my next blog, I will write about some Swedish universities and life in Sweden and what I think about the country. Please click the follow button and sign up with your email address.



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