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Welcome to my space and wish you enjoy what I post here. I’m a young lady who is curious and loves life. My name is Immaculata Anudu and my middle name is Chiamaka. I love reading and writing. I love education (formal, informal and semi-formal) and I have degrees in English Literature, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Education, Sustainable Development, and I am still counting on acquiring more degrees. My aim is to be all rounded like to have knowledge of things in life.
I abhor domestic violence and all discriminatory practices against women, girls and children, for that reason, I became an advocate for women’s, girls and children rights by supporting girls’ education and gender equality.  I am one of the United Nations Women Global Champion for Change @ Empower Women (2016-2017) championing for women’s economic empowerment. I love peace with all my heart and wish for a peaceful gender equal planet and empathy for wildlife and the globe. I believe that love knows no colour, race, ethnicity or class.

I wish to share my life with my readers, my views on different topics, my photos, my life journey, travel and vacations, rants and gossips, and most especially my food.

I am also a dancer, artist, tutor, an academic researcher and education consultant. Meet the 21st-century farmer, photographer, entrepreneur and mentor.

Welcome to my world.

Love Love Love.


Find me on Facebook Page: ChyAmy Lifestyle Blog

Facebook: Chiamaka Anudu

Twitter: ImmaculataAnudu

Instagram: Chychyiblog

LinkedIn: Immaculata Anudu



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