Night Life in Stockholm

Christmas lighting at Kungstragaden

As a female photographer, I always move around with my camera looking for nice shots that will give this wow feeling. This night, I went on a hunt for good photos and look what I found.

The city transportation bus stopping and picking passengers at the bus stop

One of the reasons why I love this city is the good transportation system. The buses, tags, taxi, aeroplanes are very effective and in good condition. Sweden spends a lot in maintaining all these services for the convenience of its citizens and other people.

The only thing I think should be addressed is the transportation cost which may be expensive for some people. If something can be done to reduce the tariffs, it may be some plus for all.

The lightning at the City Centralen

This view is everything
The Fashion Stores
T-Centralen is one of the busiest streets in Stockholm

Do you like my shots? I am an amateur in photography. I hope to learn more on how to take great shots. Luckily I will be taking a photography class at Shaw Academy. ❤

Tell me about your city. What is fascinating about where you live? What is the transportation system like? ☺



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