Photos from my Window

Good morning from Stockholm city. It is a pleasure and exciting to have a beautiful morning like this in the winter. One may be surprised why I am so excited and sharing this picture. 

Okay, I want you to admire the wonderful sight of the city and Yes, this is my area. The main reason why I took this picture is to remind myself that summer will be here soon. Oh yes, I am already counting the days to June except the climate change doesn’t alter this.

The Swedish winter is very depressing as someone who moved to Europe from Africa where we had a good amount of sunshine and rain.

At first, when I moved to Sweden, I didn’t really understand how the weather could affect one’s mood or activity. But having lived here for some years, I now understand it clearly. To be in darkness from 2 pm to 10 am is not easy to handle. I wake up and still feel like going back to sleep. I just keep shuffling my feet around the house and before I know it, it’s 9 pm! The Autumn and winter come with the early dark from October to March annually.

So, any day I see a clear beautiful sight like this, it needs to be appreciated. I like the winter months, the heavy jackets, the chilly weather, the snow, the glogg that helps keep you warm, kids playing in the snow.

But I love the daylight❤

My neighbours and our little playground for the kids. I live in a big new house with many people from different countries, I will call it a multicultural house. And we get along with each other.

Gradually, this sight is going away. The darkness descends again. It’s winter in Stockholm.


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