Cinema Africa Film Festival 2017

Last week, I was at the Cinema Africa Film festival in Stockholm. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in the events but I’m happy that I took the time to see some of the movies during the festival.

Photo from Cinema Africa
Participants at the festival
From Cinema Africa

They showed many African films like The Queen of Katwe directed by Mira Nair and starring actors like David Oyelowo, Madina Nalwanga, Lupita Nyong’o and others. White Colour Black directed by Joseph Adesunloye. The cast includes Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Waje Ojo, Sy Alassane and others. Joseph is from Nigeria but lives in the UK.

Joseph and Dudley

But I was able to see a documentary on South Africa, The Giant is Falling by Rehad Desai at Zita Cinema on Sunday. I think the film gave a good picture of the political situation in South Africa; the ANC, EFF and DA (all political parties in SA). After seeing the film, I got more information about South Africa and the way their government runs the country. I may not want to be political in this post but according to the director of the movie, Julius Malema may not be the messiah poor South Africans are looking for. I may agree with this but I’m not sure, only the future will tell.  If you want to know more about the contemporary South African government, corruption, harassment, syphoning of public funds for private use, killing of the mine workers, the fees must fall protest by university students, and the South African youths hope for democracy, you need to see this documentary.

I watched this movie which is a South African romantic film. Thabang Moleya directed the film; Happiness is A Four Letter Word. The cast starred Khanyi Mbau, Chris Attoh, Tongayi Chirisa, Renate Stuurman and others. This movie is the icing on the cake, mehn! It has been called the South African version of Sex and the City.  The movie is around three girlfriends and their life, the lies, cheating, lust, friendship, makeup and break up and sex escapades with men. I loved how the characters in the movie were portrayed. I couldn’t move an inch till the end.

I met with Onyeka Nwelue who was one of the juries at the film festival. He is a well-known Nigerian young man who teaches at different universities for free. You should see his TEDTalks on YouTube.

Onyeka Nwelue, Dudley, Joseph
Photo from Onyeka
Me at the Cinema enjoying the films

I am sorry that I have been away from my blogging, the good thing is that I’m back.
Imma 💜❤💜.

My Belief About Life (1).

I believe in love. A pure love without any selfish expectations. The love that makes heart melts and yearns for what it wants. Good loving is pleasing for the soul which leaves sweet memories. A loving lasting relationship that bridges the gap and loves wholly, transcending borders or race. A relationship that allows and gives room for equal communication, respect and commitment by both partners. I don’t believe in fake love, it destroys, manipulates, steals, humiliates, manipulates and hurts the body, mind and soul. A real relationship doesn’t have anything to do with pretence. I believe in something real from the start to the end of it. Real brings lovely sparkle in the eyes of lovers and encourages openness.

I believe that education is necessary for the development of any human being. To acquire knowledge doesn’t have to happen in the four walls of the university or campus. Education entails learning from others, from one’s surrounding and studying in any educational institutions (formal or informal). One can learn by relearning and unlearning, no knowledge is a waste. Be open to learning is the first steps because you will learn from people you least expected or where you never knew that knowledge lies.

The book I’m reading at the moment

I believe in marriage but I don’t accept that one has to die or be someone else because they want to get married and stay married. I don’t agree that domestic violence should be tolerated in marriages because if it happened once it is bound to repeat again. Marriage is a serious business for like minded and not determined by the age of the people in it. For a marriage to last, the two people involved have a role to play. They must be interested in the union and not feel intimidated to be themselves. Marry your friend because they understand you better, for love and not what the society wants. Marry who lifts you and encourages your success. If you marry a sadist, you may remain broken for as long as it entails. There is nothing wrong with MARRIAGE, the problem is that wrong/incompatible people go into for their personal reasons.

I believe in God because HE has been wonderful to me. I have been through tough waters but passed through without any hurt. I believe that God loves me and cares for me, that HE is my beginning and the end.
I believe that what people think about me shouldn’t change what I feel about myself. People’s views about me may affect what I feel about myself; the greatness within me. So many times, people may not understand me. They believe that I cannot get to any level in life. If I listen or believe them, I will be stuck in the mud forever.

I believe that hardworking pays and that quick money mean future trouble. I don’t indulge in Ponzi schemes or any get rich quick syndromes because there is never any easy way to success. Success must be earned in an honourable way.

I’m unique.

Love is a beautiful thing. If you find love, you find life but if you find the wrong one, doom spells out.

You can share your belief with me if you want. 

I love you all.

Imma. 💜💖💜💖💜❤

I Beat my wife & Mother-in-law Mercilessly.

Please, I need serious advice.I beat up my wife and my mother-in-law, now the villagers are asking me to produce 18 cows, 17boxes, 72 gallons of palm wine and 120 pieces of wrappers. I was just laughing because they were automatically asking me to divorce my wife.

After the ugly incident, she left my house with her mum and took my kids too. The reason I beat my wife and mum in law up was because they ganged up on me. Every time I come back from work, I will see this particular young boy that claims he is coming to see my mum in law but it was my wife he was visiting. I don’t know the business they were having but I was not comfortable with a young boy with sagged jeans always in my house and influencing my kids. So, I spoke to my wife and mother-in-law but they won’t listen. My wife will insult me and her mum will follow, in my own house!

My mother-in-law only came visiting is not like my wife just had a child, just to cool off in my house was what she came for yet, she can’t give me common respect. This continued for a long time, coupled with insults every day and how my wife told her am not good in bed and blah blah blah. So on that day, I was just coming back from work, nobody was at the gate, on getting into the house I met that same little boy eating in my house. I pulled out my belt and started beating him, my wife and mother-in-law came to hold me down, out of anger I added both of them to the beating and flogged them with my belt mercilessly. It was when my mother-in-law fell down that I realised myself and quickly stopped then rushed her to the hospital. My wife kept fighting me even as I was driving, the foolish boy ran away. So please tell me, do you think I should provide the items or let go of the marriage?The money for the items can marry me another wife and added concubine. My wife said she will not step foot in my house again except I provide the items. Please, I need all your opinions. I did not add any salt to this story, this is the plain bitter truth. (Culled from Break_or_makeup)

To be frank with you,

What kind of being does that? Like are you a human being or an animal? Even some domestic animals don’t behave the way you described your actions. I don’t believe you feel remorseful for what you did. You committed a disgraceful act. How can you flog your mother-in-law? an older woman for that matter. You don’t have respect for her age?

You sound like a misogynistic male when you write that you can marry more wives and even concubines. What callousness?  Any man that raises a hand on a woman is not worthy to be called a husband or even a man.

Any man that raises his hand to hit anyone around me (siblings, mother, relatives, friends, strangers) will hear from me that day. I don’t understand why most men celebrate hitting women. It is so stupid to hit a woman no matter the provocation. No matter what and I mean it, NO MATTER WHAT! Who in their right senses pulls out a belt on an animal? not to talk of a human being, a loved one for that matter.

Back to the sagged jeans guy which you said was your reason for beating the women in your life up. Did you try to speak to the guy and find out his mission in your house? Have you had any reason to feel there was more to his visit? I believe this could have been sorted by you and the guy since your wife refused to listen to you about this guy. And now because of the guy, you have caused a nuisance of yourself by doing the unimaginable. You and your wife lack communication and respect for each other but I doubt it because most men believe they are entitled to respect but don’t give that back to their partners. Mother-in-law wasn’t supposed to be involved in your arguments with your wife if both of you handled your issues privately. For me, I don’t like when mothers or family members interfere in their children marriage especially when there is a problem between the couple. Couples are meant to talk and solve their problems by themselves that is why it is called ‘COUPLE’ not EVERYBODY. People do not understand what marriage is all about before jumping into it.

I don’t think it was right for you to hit the guy but it would have been better if you had talked to him. Everyone deserves to be respected, you, your wife, mother-in-law and even the guy. This event may have happened because there is already a problem in the marriage and heated arguments and then you took that particular opportunity to unleash the dragon in you.

Providing the items doesn’t mean that you regret the actions you took. Where I come from it is a sacrilege for a man to beat up his mother-in-law. Are you more concerned about the items or about the gravity of your actions? How will you mend the relationship between you and your in-laws? How will you correct your mistake and never repeat such act? Do you think that you deserve to be a father that your children will be proud to look up to? Both you and your ‘wife’? You need a rethink and also book a visit to psychologist and psychiatrist to make sure that your mental capacity is okay. It doesn’t look like everything is okay.

The ball is on your court biko. I’m out of here.


Emma S. Treatment Enzyme Peel (Review).


Emma S. Wiklund is a Swedish skincare expert and owner of Emma S. Skincare products. I live in Sweden and I have heard good reviews of Swedish skincare products.

I got hold of this mask last month (January). I was looking for a good mask on the mask shelves in my favourite shopping mall, Åhlens City in Stockholm. I picked this mask because of the price 299kronor and also because it is a Swedish skincare product.

This mask promises to give the skin an extra glow, dissolve blackheads and remove dead skin cells. It contains AHA- and BHA-acids. You ought to make sure that your face is clean and dry before you apply it over the face and leave it for one minute before you wash it off. It comes in a creamy white mixture and dries completely into the face. This is not the type of mask that you peel off when it dries off, rather you rinse it off your face with a cold or warm water. The product may give a warm and tingling sensation while the peeling works. 

I have used the mask few times. I don’t want to empty it so I use it once in a week. In my first use, I had it on my face for 5 minutes but I felt a tingling sensation while I was wearing the mask. As I rinsed it off, I also noticed that my face turned red a little bit. But I noticed a something else, it dissolved the blackheads on my nose. Like I kept squeezing the nose and more blackheads ringed out easily without any force. I just squeeze the nose and more came out. So this is my blackheads remover. It melts it within seconds. Subsequent times that I have used this mask, I have not noticed the tingling sensation and the redness of the face. I noticed that my face started peeling off in the first week that I used this mask but in it second week the peeling stopped also.

Today I noticed that my face look better than before. My face looked clearer and spots free. Emma S. Wiklund I like this peel mask. I promised you that I will try it and write my review.

I love that on the body of the container, it reminds the user that love, good friends and less stress will also help to give the skin more glow.

What are your thoughts about this mask? You can place your order and ask any question. I’m here to reply to your question.

Imma 💖💖💌.

Worst Break-up Story

While I was at the university, my friend introduced me to one of her male cousins who was living in Spain at that time. His name was Kene (not real name).

Our first meeting was at a bar in Awka. He came to visit his family after living abroad for seven years. His family but most especially his mother was so happy to see her son who has been away for many years. We met at a bar in Awka which was our first time meeting each other at that meeting place.

I spent time with him and his family and I enjoyed my stay with him. It was love at first sight and he looked so cute, handsome, neat and was beaming with a smile all over. That evening we talked about many things and I got to know that his brother was married to one of my relatives.

I was very relaxed around him not minding we have known each other for few hours. Dude showered me with gifts, attention and cash. I enjoyed the company because every minute was worth it. You can’t be with Kene and feel bored.

A few days later, I was supposed to write a course paper in Igbo Language. I told him about the exam paper and informed him that I needed to have a quiet time to read and prepare for it. Dude wasn’t in support of that ooo, he asked me to forget about the exam and in fact my study at the university. He started promising to change my life and make it up for me only if I listened to him. In shock, I disagreed with his idea and promises. Nothing will make me jeopardise my education, I have a huge interest in getting educated to any level that I wanted. To achieve this, I needed to complete my Bachelor degree to be able to further my education in the future which have been my dream since childhood.

Unfortunately for Kene, I wasn’t buying into his idea so I left to my apartment to study for my exam. A few days later, I wrote my paper and was happy that I wrote that paper. Leaving the exam hall, I tried to reach Kene but wasn’t successful. I called and called but he wasn’t picking my calls. I contacted his cousin so she spoke to him. That evening, she informed me that Kene travelled to Abuja and will speak to me as soon as gets to his destination. Okay, I called the next day but still couldn’t reach him but then I was informed that he has changed his numbers and won’t speak to me. He broke up with me because I decided to give my attention to my studies first.

I was very heartbroken and disappointed with his attitude. Although I cried and missed him, I am happy that I took a good decision to place my education first before anybody or anything. If I had listened to him, I won’t be where I am today.

In the spirit of Valentine, remember to put your education first and do not let anything to jeopardise your plans or future. If you allow today’s fun to destroy your tomorrow’s plans, then you have yourself to blame. I prioritise my future with God by my side everything will be good.

To Kene.

Happy Valentine Everyone.

Imma 💜💜💜💜💜.

Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask (Review).

Last week, I got this new mask from Åhlens City. I got this mask 60ml for 59 kronor (Sweden’s currency). Because I haven’t tried any organic detox mask, so I made up my mind to give it a try. I picked the Mádara Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask. The product is made in Latvia and an organic skincare product from Madara Cosmetics.

This mask is a deep-purifying detox mask. It helps to clean, tighten pores and leaves the skin fresh, matte and revitalized. So it basically does 4 main things:

1. Clarify by absorbing excess oil thereby reducing outbreaks.

2.Detoxify helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

3. Rejuvenate to eliminate acne and any skin inflammation.

4. Recharges with trace elements and vitamins to give a revitalized and glowing look.

5. Hydrates.

It is made for all skin types; oily, combination, skin with large pores, acne, blemishes or inflammations. And is recommended for use once a week to prevent skin dullness and tiredness.

I usually spend my Saturdays and Sundays giving attention to my skin. So on these days, I wear my facial masks and body scrubs.  This mud mask comes in a greenish color but with a strong awful smell and takes few minutes to dry out on the face. But when it dries off, it sits very hard on the face and clings to the face very strong. I think this is how it works on tightening the pores, no doubt about that. You can wear it for 5 to 10 minutes or more.

I like this detox mask except for the smell but it vanishes when the mud dries off. It was easy to rinse off with a warm water. I noticed my face looked a little bit red when I dried my face. But I will be using this detox mask as I liked the effect on my skin. The first time I used it, I screamed for joy, like it tightens my pores immediately the mud dried off on my face and neck. This Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask is a must buy, it is worth having in your bathroom. It is unisex (men and women can use it).

This mask is my new buddy. This is how it looks like when dry.

So are you including this mask in your skincare products? What other detox mud mask do you know? Have you used any detox mask? Please share below. You are welcome. 💜💜💜.

I love you.

Imma 💙❤💜.
Psalm 23.