My Childhood thoughts.

I used to think that been a wife is the only reason why I am here and that the role of a woman/girl in life is to be a wife/mother. I know now that first I am an individual and must aspire to the zenith to achieve everything/anything I want and be successful. That my life is determined by the choices I make or create in the society.

I used to think that it is okay for me to live my life for the opposite sex, just to please them, like a tool for the opposite sex. Never again, I am worth more than living a life of such. I live my life for me.

I used to think that beautiful girls are fair in complexion so it is necessary to bleach and feel worthy. I am happy that I realised that beauty is inward not outward. That my heart should be beautiful and that is what matters in the world.

I used to think that I have to look good for the sake of getting attention from the opposite sex and that I have to dress in other to impress men. Hell No! I have learnt to love myself, impress myself and admire me. I am happier and fulfilled since I realised that.

I used to think that to fight for the oppressed, I have to be a lawyer. I understand that without any educational qualifications, I can still do the same and even better. I’m an advocate doing the same thing too.

I used to think that what people think about me or see me matters. I don’t want to know what they think about me anymore. I want them to be shocked with what I am or bring to the table. I don’t mind anymore. Would never mind.

I used to think that professional courses had more value than other courses. But now I know better. Our uniqueness and strengths make us champions of the universe.

I used to think that my tribe is the only marginalised ethnic group in the world. But now I understand that we all feel marginalised in some way. There are many other groups even in the western world that feel/are marginalised. We are together.

I used to think that western world is an equal society, that everyone has a good life with the necessary basic infrastructure. But I find beggars on the street/train. I see people sleep outside because they don’t have shelter. I see some go without food or a place to shower for days, weeks or months.

I used to think that white people are more superior and intelligent and that they don’t use the toilet 😀😃. I understand that we are the same, we feel, talk, eat, think the same way. We are same. There is no difference.

I used to think that Africa is underdeveloped but I realise that there is underdevelopment in every developed and developed in some developing. There is nothing like developed and developing or underdeveloped. There are issues everywhere. Spare me the story.

I used to think that Muslims are bad people but I understand and I know that is not true. There are bad Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, atheists etc. There are bad people and they shouldn’t be defined by their religion or belief.

I used to think that the Hausa people in my country hate other ethnic groups like the Igbos. But NO, some Hausa people are good and don’t have that biased mindset. I won’t let politics blind me from seeing them as my brothers and sisters.

I used to think there is one Islam but I found out from my teacher that there are the Sunni, Shi`ite, Sufis, Baha´is, Ahmadiyyas, Druze, Alevis, and `Alawis Muslims. And sometimes these different groups don’t agree with each other.

I used to think that white people were sinless, truthful and just. But that is not true. I have learned to judge people by their attitudes and what they say, not their skin colour. There are good and bad people.

Did you enjoy reading my biases? You can share yours in the comment box.

Every day is an opportunity to relearn what you have learned, to see life differently from other people’s perspective. I encourage you to travel around the world to meet new people and cultures/tradition different from yours. Remember no man is an island and there is no definite way to anything in life. Who we are and where we come from makes us unique and beautiful. There is beauty in diversity. Love knows no boundary💜💜💜💜💜.

I love you.

Imma. ❤💜💙

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