While I was at the university, my friend introduced me to one of her male cousins who was living in Spain at that time. His name was Kene (not real name).

Our first meeting was at a bar in Awka. He came to visit his family after living abroad for seven years. His family but most especially his mother was so happy to see her son who has been away for many years. We met at a bar in Awka which was our first time meeting each other at that meeting place.

I spent time with him and his family and I enjoyed my stay with him. It was love at first sight and he looked so cute, handsome, neat and was beaming with a smile all over. That evening we talked about many things and I got to know that his brother was married to one of my relatives.

I was very relaxed around him not minding we have known each other for few hours. Dude showered me with gifts, attention and cash. I enjoyed the company because every minute was worth it. You can’t be with Kene and feel bored.

A few days later, I was supposed to write a course paper in Igbo Language. I told him about the exam paper and informed him that I needed to have a quiet time to read and prepare for it. Dude wasn’t in support of that ooo, he asked me to forget about the exam and in fact my study at the university. He started promising to change my life and make it up for me only if I listened to him. In shock, I disagreed with his idea and promises. Nothing will make me jeopardise my education, I have a huge interest in getting educated to any level that I wanted. To achieve this, I needed to complete my Bachelor degree to be able to further my education in the future which have been my dream since childhood.

Unfortunately for Kene, I wasn’t buying into his idea so I left to my apartment to study for my exam. A few days later, I wrote my paper and was happy that I wrote that paper. Leaving the exam hall, I tried to reach Kene but wasn’t successful. I called and called but he wasn’t picking my calls. I contacted his cousin so she spoke to him. That evening, she informed me that Kene travelled to Abuja and will speak to me as soon as gets to his destination. Okay, I called the next day but still couldn’t reach him but then I was informed that he has changed his numbers and won’t speak to me. He broke up with me because I decided to give my attention to my studies first.

I was very heartbroken and disappointed with his attitude. Although I cried and missed him, I am happy that I took a good decision to place my education first before anybody or anything. If I had listened to him, I won’t be where I am today.

In the spirit of Valentine, remember to put your education first and do not let anything to jeopardise your plans or future. If you allow today’s fun to destroy your tomorrow’s plans, then you have yourself to blame. I prioritise my future with God by my side everything will be good.

To Kene.

Happy Valentine Everyone.

Imma 💜💜💜💜💜.

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