Emma S. Wiklund is a Swedish skincare expert and owner of Emma S. Skincare products. I live in Sweden and I have heard good reviews of Swedish skincare products.

I got hold of this mask last month (January). I was looking for a good mask on the mask shelves in my favourite shopping mall, Åhlens City in Stockholm. I picked this mask because of the price 299kronor and also because it is a Swedish skincare product.

This mask promises to give the skin an extra glow, dissolve blackheads and remove dead skin cells. It contains AHA- and BHA-acids. You ought to make sure that your face is clean and dry before you apply it over the face and leave it for one minute before you wash it off. It comes in a creamy white mixture and dries completely into the face. This is not the type of mask that you peel off when it dries off, rather you rinse it off your face with a cold or warm water. The product may give a warm and tingling sensation while the peeling works. 

I have used the mask few times. I don’t want to empty it so I use it once in a week. In my first use, I had it on my face for 5 minutes but I felt a tingling sensation while I was wearing the mask. As I rinsed it off, I also noticed that my face turned red a little bit. But I noticed a something else, it dissolved the blackheads on my nose. Like I kept squeezing the nose and more blackheads ringed out easily without any force. I just squeeze the nose and more came out. So this is my blackheads remover. It melts it within seconds. Subsequent times that I have used this mask, I have not noticed the tingling sensation and the redness of the face. I noticed that my face started peeling off in the first week that I used this mask but in it second week the peeling stopped also.

Today I noticed that my face look better than before. My face looked clearer and spots free. Emma S. Wiklund I like this peel mask. I promised you that I will try it and write my review.

I love that on the body of the container, it reminds the user that love, good friends and less stress will also help to give the skin more glow.

What are your thoughts about this mask? You can place your order and ask any question. I’m here to reply to your question.

Imma 💖💖💌.

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