I believe in love. A pure love without any selfish expectations. The love that makes heart melts and yearns for what it wants. Good loving is pleasing for the soul which leaves sweet memories. A loving lasting relationship that bridges the gap and loves wholly, transcending borders or race. A relationship that allows and gives room for equal communication, respect and commitment by both partners. I don’t believe in fake love, it destroys, manipulates, steals, humiliates, manipulates and hurts the body, mind and soul. A real relationship doesn’t have anything to do with pretence. I believe in something real from the start to the end of it. Real brings lovely sparkle in the eyes of lovers and encourages openness.

I believe that education is necessary for the development of any human being. To acquire knowledge doesn’t have to happen in the four walls of the university or campus. Education entails learning from others, from one’s surrounding and studying in any educational institutions (formal or informal). One can learn by relearning and unlearning, no knowledge is a waste. Be open to learning is the first steps because you will learn from people you least expected or where you never knew that knowledge lies.

The book I’m reading at the moment

I believe in marriage but I don’t accept that one has to die or be someone else because they want to get married and stay married. I don’t agree that domestic violence should be tolerated in marriages because if it happened once it is bound to repeat again. Marriage is a serious business for like minded and not determined by the age of the people in it. For a marriage to last, the two people involved have a role to play. They must be interested in the union and not feel intimidated to be themselves. Marry your friend because they understand you better, for love and not what the society wants. Marry who lifts you and encourages your success. If you marry a sadist, you may remain broken for as long as it entails. There is nothing wrong with MARRIAGE, the problem is that wrong/incompatible people go into for their personal reasons.

I believe in God because HE has been wonderful to me. I have been through tough waters but passed through without any hurt. I believe that God loves me and cares for me, that HE is my beginning and the end.
I believe that what people think about me shouldn’t change what I feel about myself. People’s views about me may affect what I feel about myself; the greatness within me. So many times, people may not understand me. They believe that I cannot get to any level in life. If I listen or believe them, I will be stuck in the mud forever.

I believe that hardworking pays and that quick money mean future trouble. I don’t indulge in Ponzi schemes or any get rich quick syndromes because there is never any easy way to success. Success must be earned in an honourable way.

I’m unique.

Love is a beautiful thing. If you find love, you find life but if you find the wrong one, doom spells out.

You can share your belief with me if you want. 

I love you all.

Imma. 💜💖💜💖💜❤

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