Emma S. Treatment Enzyme Peel (Review).


Emma S. Wiklund is a Swedish skincare expert and owner of Emma S. Skincare products. I live in Sweden and I have heard good reviews of Swedish skincare products.

I got hold of this mask last month (January). I was looking for a good mask on the mask shelves in my favourite shopping mall, Åhlens City in Stockholm. I picked this mask because of the price 299kronor and also because it is a Swedish skincare product.

This mask promises to give the skin an extra glow, dissolve blackheads and remove dead skin cells. It contains AHA- and BHA-acids. You ought to make sure that your face is clean and dry before you apply it over the face and leave it for one minute before you wash it off. It comes in a creamy white mixture and dries completely into the face. This is not the type of mask that you peel off when it dries off, rather you rinse it off your face with a cold or warm water. The product may give a warm and tingling sensation while the peeling works. 

I have used the mask few times. I don’t want to empty it so I use it once in a week. In my first use, I had it on my face for 5 minutes but I felt a tingling sensation while I was wearing the mask. As I rinsed it off, I also noticed that my face turned red a little bit. But I noticed a something else, it dissolved the blackheads on my nose. Like I kept squeezing the nose and more blackheads ringed out easily without any force. I just squeeze the nose and more came out. So this is my blackheads remover. It melts it within seconds. Subsequent times that I have used this mask, I have not noticed the tingling sensation and the redness of the face. I noticed that my face started peeling off in the first week that I used this mask but in it second week the peeling stopped also.

Today I noticed that my face look better than before. My face looked clearer and spots free. Emma S. Wiklund I like this peel mask. I promised you that I will try it and write my review.

I love that on the body of the container, it reminds the user that love, good friends and less stress will also help to give the skin more glow.

What are your thoughts about this mask? You can place your order and ask any question. I’m here to reply to your question.

Imma 💖💖💌.

Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask (Review).

Last week, I got this new mask from Åhlens City. I got this mask 60ml for 59 kronor (Sweden’s currency). Because I haven’t tried any organic detox mask, so I made up my mind to give it a try. I picked the Mádara Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask. The product is made in Latvia and an organic skincare product from Madara Cosmetics.

This mask is a deep-purifying detox mask. It helps to clean, tighten pores and leaves the skin fresh, matte and revitalized. So it basically does 4 main things:

1. Clarify by absorbing excess oil thereby reducing outbreaks.

2.Detoxify helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

3. Rejuvenate to eliminate acne and any skin inflammation.

4. Recharges with trace elements and vitamins to give a revitalized and glowing look.

5. Hydrates.

It is made for all skin types; oily, combination, skin with large pores, acne, blemishes or inflammations. And is recommended for use once a week to prevent skin dullness and tiredness.

I usually spend my Saturdays and Sundays giving attention to my skin. So on these days, I wear my facial masks and body scrubs.  This mud mask comes in a greenish color but with a strong awful smell and takes few minutes to dry out on the face. But when it dries off, it sits very hard on the face and clings to the face very strong. I think this is how it works on tightening the pores, no doubt about that. You can wear it for 5 to 10 minutes or more.

I like this detox mask except for the smell but it vanishes when the mud dries off. It was easy to rinse off with a warm water. I noticed my face looked a little bit red when I dried my face. But I will be using this detox mask as I liked the effect on my skin. The first time I used it, I screamed for joy, like it tightens my pores immediately the mud dried off on my face and neck. This Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask is a must buy, it is worth having in your bathroom. It is unisex (men and women can use it).

This mask is my new buddy. This is how it looks like when dry.

So are you including this mask in your skincare products? What other detox mud mask do you know? Have you used any detox mask? Please share below. You are welcome. 💜💜💜.

I love you.

Imma 💙❤💜.
Psalm 23.

Kiehl’s Hydrating Serum (Review).

Hello again, thanks for the likes and comments on the previous blog post. Thank you for my blog viewers from different parts of the globe. 💜❤💙💛

So this week I am making a review of the Kiehl’s Hydro-Pumping Re-Texturizing Serum. I needed a hydrating serum that I can use every morning after cleansing my face and before using a moisturizer (review soon on the moisturizer). I got this serum from my favourite shopping mall, Åhlens City in Stockholm.

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IsaDora Matt Liquid Lipsticks in 5 shades (Review)

I am a member at Åhlens so like every month, they send a copy of their monthly magazine to my address. I received my copy last week and I was so pleased with the picture of the new collection of matte liquid lipsticks from IsaDora. Never used any product from IsaDora but I decided to give it a try.

They have ten new matte liquid lipsticks:
01. Nude Attitude.   15. Sugar Brown.

03. Posh Pink.    17. Berry Babe.

05. Bare Cashmere.  18. Brownberry.

11. Cool Mauve.  19. Plum Punch.

13. Dusty Cedar.  20. Red Romance.

I love matte lipsticks so I got some of the listed collections above. I like how matte the lipsticks are and the colours were inviting. Applying the lipstick on my lips felt so easy and I was able to line my lips easily with it. I usually have difficulty using other lipsticks in lining my lips, I usually line outside my lip line making it look tacky. It is cheaper than other brands lipsticks that I use. I bought IsaDora lipsticks for 99kr and other brands lipsticks usually cost from 250 to 400 kr or more.
But with this lipsticks, it was easier to use and line my lips. I didn’t need a lip liner. But I didn’t like that I have to apply/coat the lipstick thrice for it to look good especially with the nude colour lipsticks.

I bought 5 liquid lipsticks out of the 10  new collections because I didn’t see much difference with the nude lipsticks. Continue reading “IsaDora Matt Liquid Lipsticks in 5 shades (Review)”

Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum (Review)

I am not a fan of serum for some reasons. I remember using a serum some years back but it gave me bad facial reactions. The serum didn’t help my face rather it caused more problems.

I have heard from a friend that serums are good for the face and I couldn’t resist trying out this new information. My friend’s face is so flawless and she wears make-up like every day. Continue reading “Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum (Review)”

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner (Review)

Whenever I get to the shopping mall in Stockholm Center, I always walk to the Kiehl’s section in Åhlens City Centre. Someone should inform Kiehl’s that I love love and love their beauty and skin care products. I won’t mind working for them ooooo. I bought a few things in my last shopping earlier this year and also made a shopping trip last week. I will be making reviews of more products 😃😀. I feel like dancing, it feels good to buy good products for your body maintenance and to look good.

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