My visit to the Chinese Restaurant

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I am in Stockholm getting ready for my trip to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday. I decided to spoil my appetite a little, so I went to a Chinese restaurant nearby where I am staying.
I must confess Stockholm is a beautiful city, also you get anything you want just nearby where you are. So yesterday I visited a Mongolia restaurant and today I visited a Chinese restaurant.

As a student, I have saved some money for this food enjoyment. Ulalala, I have been eating Swedish food so it was nice to try other food from other countries.

The food was so good and appetising. You won’t resist. I ordered for woked rice with chicken, beef, shrimp and egg.










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To a Peaceful Nigeria

The killing of the Shia Muslims by the Nigerian military because of road block during prayers was uncalled for. Unwarranted! Except if there is any hidden purpose.

I lived in Abuja for some years before I travelled… and I remember how every Friday is very frustrating for people living in the capital city, movement around the Central Mosque is always closed, prohibiting people from moving around that area or the roads linking to other places. I have sat in the traffic for hours because of Friday prayers and I wasn’t comfortable with it but I didn’t complain because we have the right to practice our different beliefs; religion.
So when I read about the story of the massacre of Shia Muslims because of this same cause, I feel the military is biased in handling this incident.

The President of Nigeria is a Sunni Muslim. The comments made by other Muslims in this matter is not encouraging but selfish and self-centered.

Nigeria is a peace loving country, the Shia and the Sunni Muslims must find ways to continue living in peace by tolerating one another, the military must stay out of religious disagreement, supremacy or conflict, the government through the President of the nation, must find ways to work with all and sundry, disassociating itself from religious rival.

We should love one another irrespective of tribe, religion, region, or status by living peacefully, so we can together fight and destroy Boko Haram from our country.

Remember we are one irrespective of religious differences. We are first and foremost Nigerians.

Let there be peace, harmony and unity in Nigeria.


Ebola, the Evil Visitor

If you have been following the news for some months now, you must have heard about the events in the world; the ebola outbreak, Isis in Iraq, abducted girls in Nigeria, the Catholic Church reforms, terrorist threats and attacks in different parts of the world. Many events have been happening some are good while some are bad news.

Africa is a beautiful continent. It is home to world’s most populous people. Africa is also mother to other continents, according to the geographic information of plates. I am African. Africa is blessed with many natural and human resources. I call it the oil pot of the world, enriched with many mineral resources, wildlife, green vegetation, rivers, falls, and above all beautiful diverse culture and languages.

One thing I love about Africa is the warmth of the people. I grew up in a continent where your neighbour is also part of your family, where people look out for each other, where you have to check on your neighbours unannounced, where strangers turn to family, where we show respect for the elderly and also take care of them and others.

But unfortunately, Ebola have visited my beautiful Africa. The evil visitor came knocking and have dwelled among my people. It has claimed the lives of many people; parents, children, young and old. More than 4000 people have died from this deadly virus which is more deadly than HIV/AIDS. The virus has continued to spread because of our cultural practices like hugging, shaking hands, caring for the sick etc.

Shaking hands and hugging have become part of our tradition. Africans do not hesitate to show love to one another or even to strangers by hugging or shaking hands. That is how we show our warmth and care to others.  But unfortunately, the Evil Visitor have destroyed this tradition for us. We are scared to hug one another or shake hands. We are so scared of touching or greeting people. We do not offer to help the sick people anymore because of the fear of the Evil Visitor.

Truly, the Evil Visitor has taken something very special from us, but I know we will win this evil. And for this, we need everyone to work towards fighting ebola out from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Africa needs support from the world. Imagine if this outbreak was a new oil discovery, most developed countries will fight to have a piece of the cake. These affected countries need your support, let us come together and fight ebola. Together we stand against Ebola!





A Message for Africa



“The world at large is full of fear. People want to read about things in newspapers and watch things on the television that cause fear. There is another news, apart from Boko Haram, that is causing fear in Nigeria – Ebola. Ebola is not Nigeria’s challenge. We should not be hasty in considering it a challenge. Our challenge is insecurity. It is a strange ailment. Imagine you carry an almond tree from Europe to Nigeria to plant it. It will not grow because of the weather.

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