My visit to the Chinese Restaurant

I am in Stockholm getting ready for my trip to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday. I decided to spoil my appetite a little, so I went to a Chinese restaurant nearby where I am staying.
I must confess Stockholm is a beautiful city, also you get anything you want just nearby where you are. So yesterday I visited a Mongolia restaurant and today I visited a Chinese restaurant.

As a student, I have saved some money for this food enjoyment. Ulalala, I have been eating Swedish food so it was nice to try other food from other countries.

The food was so good and appetising. You won’t resist. I ordered for woked rice with chicken, beef, shrimp and egg.
















What to eat in Sweden

I will write about the food and how to get your food here. First of all, swedes are very good to cook and do good meal irrespective of the gender {male♀} so if you are thinking of eating good food here in Sweden don’t worry you will have lots to eat and also drink if you feel for it.

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