Night Life in Stockholm

Christmas lighting at Kungstragaden

As a female photographer, I always move around with my camera looking for nice shots that will give this wow feeling. This night, I went on a hunt for good photos and look what I found.

The city transportation bus stopping and picking passengers at the bus stop

One of the reasons why I love this city is the good transportation system. The buses, tags, taxi, aeroplanes are very effective and in good condition. Sweden spends a lot in maintaining all these services for the convenience of its citizens and other people. Continue reading “Night Life in Stockholm”

The Beauty of Dusk 

It is a typical winter evening in Stockholm. The sun is gone and the sky retires in redness. I couldn’t resist this breathtaking beauty so I quickly dashed for my camera and this is what I got; a lovely sight and awesome shot.

Continue reading “The Beauty of Dusk “

Hotel ScandicKlara in Stockholm

One of my new year resolution for 2016 was travelling around different cities in Sweden and neighbouring countries. We started our travelling and vacation this January, but firstly, we stayed in Stockholm. One of the best hotels that provide best services to their customers is Scandic Hotels. Continue reading “Hotel ScandicKlara in Stockholm”

Gud morgon

Life is sweet, life is good, life is great but also it is tough too. Remember to live your life for YOU and your loved ones especially the ones that make you happy, the people who make life very beautiful for you, people that spoil you with laughter, love and ever ending smiling face.

Yes! Life is meant to enjoy. Remember it depends on how you make it beautiful for yourself, so go out today and smile your way to every stranger you meet and most especially to your loved ones.😀😁😃.


Because I am happy…(humming the music)