Kiehl’s Hydrating Serum (Review).

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So this week I am making a review of the Kiehl’s Hydro-Pumping Re-Texturizing Serum. I needed a hydrating serum that I can use every morning after cleansing my face and before using a moisturizer (review soon on the moisturizer). I got this serum from my favourite shopping mall, Åhlens City in Stockholm.

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IsaDora Matt Liquid Lipsticks in 5 shades (Review)

I am a member at Åhlens so like every month, they send a copy of their monthly magazine to my address. I received my copy last week and I was so pleased with the picture of the new collection of matte liquid lipsticks from IsaDora. Never used any product from IsaDora but I decided to give it a try.

They have ten new matte liquid lipsticks:
01. Nude Attitude.   15. Sugar Brown.

03. Posh Pink.    17. Berry Babe.

05. Bare Cashmere.  18. Brownberry.

11. Cool Mauve.  19. Plum Punch.

13. Dusty Cedar.  20. Red Romance.

I love matte lipsticks so I got some of the listed collections above. I like how matte the lipsticks are and the colours were inviting. Applying the lipstick on my lips felt so easy and I was able to line my lips easily with it. I usually have difficulty using other lipsticks in lining my lips, I usually line outside my lip line making it look tacky. It is cheaper than other brands lipsticks that I use. I bought IsaDora lipsticks for 99kr and other brands lipsticks usually cost from 250 to 400 kr or more.
But with this lipsticks, it was easier to use and line my lips. I didn’t need a lip liner. But I didn’t like that I have to apply/coat the lipstick thrice for it to look good especially with the nude colour lipsticks.

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Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum (Review)

I am not a fan of serum for some reasons. I remember using a serum some years back but it gave me bad facial reactions. The serum didn’t help my face rather it caused more problems.

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Kiehl’s Calendula Toner (Review)

Whenever I get to the shopping mall in Stockholm Center, I always walk to the Kiehl’s section in Åhlens City Centre. Someone should inform Kiehl’s that I love love and love their beauty and skin care products. I won’t mind working for them ooooo. I bought a few things in my last shopping earlier this year and also made a shopping trip last week. I will be making reviews of more products 😃😀. I feel like dancing, it feels good to buy good products for your body maintenance and to look good.

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A Review of Smashbox Makeup Primer

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Today, I am making a review of the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer. Makeup primers are used as a base before you apply your foundation. Makeup primers help your makeup to stay longer and smoother. Continue reading “A Review of Smashbox Makeup Primer”

Caitlyn Jenner New Mac Collection

Have you seen the Caitlyn Jenner’s new mac collection?

The collection includes:



Lipstick and lip gloss.


Mac says it will available online and in stores on Thursday.

The lipstick looks terrific and I hope to get my hands on this collection soon. I like how the set looks and the colour are so tempting.

Who is ready to make their order?