I’m Confused about this other Guy

Please, I don’t want my identity disclosed. I am 26 years old. I work, stay in a comfortable 2-bed room apartment and pay my bills. I have been dating this guy for 3 years plus since I was in the university, but I broke up with him when he proposed to me with a customised car and diamond ring. Not because I didn’t care about him, but we had serious issues that made me cry, feel lonely and sad. I knew if I marry him I would cheat on him, cause he has no time for me and marriage wouldn’t change that.

He has been everything to me especially finance. He owns a company which I work for till date. I thought I was at the point I’ve always prayed for in life. I frequent his mansion and lived there anytime I want. At a point, I was next in position in his company. Aside from him, I made decisions and had access to millions of naira cause he sent me money to my personal account to manage the company.

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