Minus degrees

It’s been very cold, freezing cold since I came back. It has been -10 to -18 going up and dropping.
It’s time to dress well, cover the body very well and have lots of clothes under before I wear my jacket.

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Bumpy Weather Abroad

The weather is already changing gradually some days it is very cold or wet or rainy. Last two weeks it snowed in Borlange and also here in Falun.

I looked out of my window and noticed that it is dark already and it is 2:39 pm on my watch, but the weather looks like it is 7 pm already. The darkness has taken over the city so early.

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Bye Germany, Välkommen Sweden!!!

I boarded the Luftansa flight to Frankfurt, we had nice dinner and the crew were superb. The service was excellent. I ate my food and took some wine and I slept off. yeah! The flight was great. I also took some photos so I can share with my family and friends in Nigeria. Every thing seem perfect and fine. I am loving this journey.

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