Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask (Review).

Last week, I got this new mask from Åhlens City. I got this mask 60ml for 59 kronor (Sweden’s currency). Because I haven’t tried any organic detox mask, so I made up my mind to give it a try. I picked the Mádara Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask. The product is made in Latvia and an organic skincare product from Madara Cosmetics.

This mask is a deep-purifying detox mask. It helps to clean, tighten pores and leaves the skin fresh, matte and revitalized. So it basically does 4 main things:

1. Clarify by absorbing excess oil thereby reducing outbreaks.

2.Detoxify helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

3. Rejuvenate to eliminate acne and any skin inflammation.

4. Recharges with trace elements and vitamins to give a revitalized and glowing look.

5. Hydrates.

It is made for all skin types; oily, combination, skin with large pores, acne, blemishes or inflammations. And is recommended for use once a week to prevent skin dullness and tiredness.

I usually spend my Saturdays and Sundays giving attention to my skin. So on these days, I wear my facial masks and body scrubs.  This mud mask comes in a greenish color but with a strong awful smell and takes few minutes to dry out on the face. But when it dries off, it sits very hard on the face and clings to the face very strong. I think this is how it works on tightening the pores, no doubt about that. You can wear it for 5 to 10 minutes or more.

I like this detox mask except for the smell but it vanishes when the mud dries off. It was easy to rinse off with a warm water. I noticed my face looked a little bit red when I dried my face. But I will be using this detox mask as I liked the effect on my skin. The first time I used it, I screamed for joy, like it tightens my pores immediately the mud dried off on my face and neck. This Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask is a must buy, it is worth having in your bathroom. It is unisex (men and women can use it).

This mask is my new buddy. This is how it looks like when dry.

So are you including this mask in your skincare products? What other detox mud mask do you know? Have you used any detox mask? Please share below. You are welcome. 💜💜💜.

I love you.

Imma 💙❤💜.
Psalm 23.