Gud morgon

Life is sweet, life is good, life is great but also it is tough too. Remember to live your life for YOU and your loved ones especially the ones that make you happy, the people who make life very beautiful for you, people that spoil you with laughter, love and ever ending smiling face.

Yes! Life is meant to enjoy. Remember it depends on how you make it beautiful for yourself, so go out today and smile your way to every stranger you meet and most especially to your loved ones.😀😁😃.


Because I am happy…(humming the music)



University Admissions in Sweden

Sweden is a good place for study, especially for international students. The country is good because of several reasons.
The application web page is now open for students to apply for their studies here in Sweden whether for your bachelor’s and master’s degree programme.


Go to university admissions in Sweden website( to make your application. You will find the different universities and the courses and programmes they have for the autumn 2015 term. Hurry up if you have to pay your application fee. It is only 900 kronor.
Once you have selected the programmes you are interested in for the next academic year. Remember to send in your documents to them by uploading it to your page on university admissions. It is very simple and easy. You can also call 📞 the phone number on the site if you need more information.
Hurry up and apply. You will be happy you did. Remember to write to me if you need any help. I will be glad to help.
Welcome to Sweden.
Välkommen till Sverige 🎉🎉